Past Videos

Welcome to our church videos library.  Here you can watch our Past Sunday morning worship services and other events showing our church family serving others and having fun.
Sunday Worship Service is no longer being video recorded.

Infants and children are one of the most precious gifts from God found at church events.  However, for the safety and privacy of our church families and guests, video of infants and children through grade 8 are not included as primary subject matter.  Exceptions are made if a child's face is obscured by a costume, or is deemed reasonably difficult to identify due to other factors.  If you like a particular video or see a video shot you feel should be clipped out, please click here and let us know.  We appreciate the feedback! 
We hope our video sharing inspires you to COME, CONNECT and SERVE with us.


Sunday Worship Service is no longer being video recorded.

The recordings are intended for church members who cannot attend the services. Prayer Time (requests for prayers) are not recorded.

The Internet broadcasts will not contain the entire Sunday worship service. Segments of a personal nature such as Children’s Time, parts of  Prayer Time, and copyrighted music will not be broadcast.

Children’s Time and all the music (but not personal prayer requests ) will be included on the DVDs. The DVDs are kept in the church business offices.

The Sunday worship service broadcasts will consist of Pastor Michele’s sermon and prayers; the liturgist’s scripture reading; some public domain hymns and occasionally some special interest events such as Trunk or Treat and Renton First’s involvement in Renton River Days, etc.

The recording camera will be focused on the activities in the front of the sanctuary. The intent of the camera operator is to not include the congregation; however it is possible that members of the congregation will be momentarily seen in the video.