Serve Our World

Renton First United Methodist has a stong history of world service extending to areas outside the Renton city limits. Listed below are some of the areas we currently support or have supported in the past.  Our financial support for these programs generally occurs through Sunday morning offerings.  However, many of our congregation are also active in  "hands on" disaster relief and mission trips.  If you have an interest in serving a greater area than just Renton, then Renton First is the place for you.  COME, CONNECT and SERVE with us. 

Missions Committee (Work Area)

      Purpose: This committee seeks and promotes short-and long term remedies to justice and mercy issues like

                     hunger and homelessness in the community and around the world.  With a dedicated budget, this

                     committee requires 2 hours per month for meeting with additonal time for promotion and partcipation

                     in actual service to others. 

      Meeting time:  Meets last Sunday of the month after church in the Library/Conference Room 110

      Leader: Frank Rutherford

      Missions work area web page

Other areas of outreach to our world.