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Here is a recent letter from missionary Paul Jeffery in Africa, who recently visited our church to discuss his work.  Click here to read more about his work and view his photos. 
February 28, 2011
Dear friends in my supporting churches,

It’s a rainy Sunday morning in Malawi. Rainy season, when the rains fall on the just and unjust. Also the well-fed and the hungry. I’m here to document the response of faith-based organizations to a persistent food security crisis in this part of Africa. It’s a complicated story, in that the Malawi government has done several things right, and the country has enjoyed bumper corn harvests that reportedly meet the needs of all. Yet look more closely and it simply turns out not to be true, and faith-based organizations are among those working at the grassroots to help the most vulnerable–households headed by children or single mothers, for example–produce enough food to make it through the year, particularly the current “hunger season” when family resources run out while waiting for the time to harvest.

I write to thank you once again for making possible what I do. In 2010, congregations and individuals contributed over $49,000 to Global Ministries in support of my ministry. In troubling economic times, that’s remarkable. Along with the support you offer through both prayer and advocacy around issues of justice and peace, your enthusiasm for mission–both locally and globally–helps sustain me through long days of jet lag and interminable four-wheel drive journeys across the African bush.

For more than two decades I’ve written you long letters about my adventures, studiously ignoring your appeals that I write shorter missives that would fit on one church newsletter page. Yet new occasions teach new duties, and so I’m going to be brief here but encourage you and members of your congregation to read my blog, where the internet offers a chance to mix words and images in a way I can’t do here. So if you haven’t done so already, please link to my blog from your congregation’s website, and mention it in your Sunday bulletins. As we work together in mission, it’s one way we can keep in touch.

Here’s the main address: kairosphotos.com/blog

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After I return to the U.S. in a week, I’ll post about my experiences here in Malawi.

In a few hours, as Sunday morning begins in the United States, you will gather once again to celebrate Christ’s resurrection. Please pray for Lyda and me, and know that we join in praying for you as you engage in the adventure of mission in your community.